Francisca Oyhanarte


Francisca Oyhanarte is an Argentinian-born artist living and working in Miami since 2015. Her work consists of original cut-out pieces alongside museum-grade cotton paper prints in limited editions of 10 individually numbered and signed by the artist. She works with scissors, creating unique and surreal collages using everyday materials that include multi-colored construction and washi paper, reinforcement labels and glue. 
In 2016 her work was selected from a final list of 100 submissions to be featured on Miami Beach buses in a campaign titled Transit Loves the Arts.
During Art Basel Miami Beach 2017, she created a 12 ft. high inflatable cobra for musician/DJ Richie Hell album release party at Faena Hotel. In that same year, she commissioned an art piece to be the official symbol for Jose Ignacio International Film Festival’s latest edition in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
In 2018, she opened Gumbo Limbo Studios in Miami, a project where she regularly exhibits her latest creations and collaborations with other local artists. She also co-created “The Gumbo Limbo Experiment”, a multi sensorial show featuring art installations, visuals and a live show by musician/DJ Richie Hell. The experiment has already been presented at Perez Art Museum, House of Creatives Music Festival, III Points, Floyd, Sweat Records among others, and continues its journey while mutating its shape.
Her short-term projects include a music animation video for a new track by Los Mirlos (Perú) with the support of Borscht Film Festival, a 7-day in a row open studio for Art Basel, more vinyl covers and collaborations in fashion and art.