Harumi Abe


Harumi Abe is a Japanese native artist from Tokorozawa, Saitama who has lived in South Florida nearly half of her life.Her current series of work, "Shakkei" are abstract paintings, layered landscapes and memories emerge as fresh perspectives on Florida and Japan. Abe paints visual topography of her inner self and sense of belonging to both places. Finding unity in a balanced, emotional palette, the artist's relationship to these prismatic landscapes is magnified by "borrowing" from the regions to create meaningful connections with her beloved homelands.She has actively shown her works extensively in South Florida such as AIRIE Nest in the Everglades National Park, David Castillo Gallery, Hollywood Art and Culture Center and Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale and many more. Her works are collected by Girls Club Collection, Liza and Arturo Mosquera Collection and other private collections.Abe received South Florida Cultural Consortium in 2008 and attended residencies at South Florida Art Center, Vermont Studio Center, Everglades Artist and Residence Program and Dickinson House Residency in Belgian. Abe holds MFA from Florida International University. She has taught art at many south Florida Colleges and was a full time, painting professor at Savannah College of Art and Design.Currently, Harumi is working from her home studio in Hollywood, FL. ‚Äč