Maria Santi


I was born in La Plata, Argentina, where I live and work. I received my degree in Plastic Arts in 1995 from the Faculty of Arts, UNLP. In 2015 I became a Specialist in Media and Technologies for Pictorial Production at UNA. I continued my training by attending the workshops of Ana Eckell and Tulio de Sagastizábal, as well as taking various seminars at UTDT. I attended several international residencies such as National Center for Contemporary Art, St Petesburg; Arteles Creative Center, Finland; and GlogauAir, Berlin. I later participated in numerous exhibitions, among which I highlight the individual ones: 2018, Chromohipnótico at Praxis Gallery. "The Commonplace can be extraordinary" at Praxis New York. "The Eternal and the Ephemeral" at Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires. And group shows: 2015, Fuerza Natural at Fondo Nacional de las Artes In Buenos Aires. "Hot Hause" in Leipzig, Germany and "Nomadismo y periferia" in La Paternal (Espacio Proyecto). I was also selected in different awards such as: Rafaela National Painting Biennial. Poggi Urban Museum, Summa Madrid, Casa Cuadrada Gallery. Madrid. Spain. 2014, National Salon of Visual Arts. He drew. Palais de Glace. 2012, National Salon of Visual Arts. Painting. Palais de Glace.