Coral Contemporary Gallery, located in Midtown, Miami, and founded by Isabel Tassara in 2018, specializes in Contemporary visual art from Latin America. The gallery represents young and mid-career artists and incorporates artists of great renown and career, favoring the link particularly between Latin America and the United States and Europe. Coral Contemporary Gallery works with a select group of artists and manages the exhibition, sales and promotion. Of his works. It also offers tours, dinners, and visits to artists' studios, with the intention of generating an experience through art with his clients and the public. The gallery also has a unique educational program that aims to nurture and develop the relationship between art and their community. Talks and interviews with artists, panel discussions and immersive art experiences in the gallery are some of the actions it develops. By providing a space to connect the public across various art forms, the gallery serves as a place to contemplate, acquire and connect art and the viewer, while expanding its boundaries.