Ana Clara Soler


I was born in Buenos Aires in 1984, when I was very young I moved to Olivos, a neighborhood in the suburbs, very close to the river, and I spent many years there. It was in my childhood home where I began to draw and paint with intensity, using the materials of my architect father, which were available to me in abundance. I continued doing this until age 18 when I decided to study Fine Arts at what is now the UNA (National Art University). At the same time I began attending workshops and clinics with Nahuel Vecino, Eduardo Stupía, Matías Duville and Pablo Siquier, for whom I worked as an assistant for several years. 
 As an adult I returned to live in the city and made some individual exhibitions, among them are: "Future Caverns" at the Marco Museum (2020), "Portrait of the World" at Sputnik Gallery (2017) "Ad Infinitu" at Rea Gallery (2014), "From Buenos Aires to Miami" Art Center South Florida, Miami (20113), "My Favorite Words" LOOM, Bushwick, Brooklyn (2013), "Sublimado" at the CC Recoleta (2011) and "Corrientes Caprichosas" in the Jardin Oculto Gallery (2009). 
 I also participated in residencies, prizes, fairs and festivals: Kaus Australis in Rotterdam; Animasivo in Mexico DF; Art Center in Miami; El Ranchito in the Matadero Madrid; FIFF in Friborg Switzerland; Untitled Fair, Scope Fair, Curriculum Cero, Central Bank Prize, Itau Prize, Fortabat Prize, UADE Prize, 8M Prize, El Salón Nacional and Third Prize for Painting in the Visual Arts Contest 2017, from the National Fund.