Lules Fiorenza


Lules Fiorenza (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a self-taught artist and film director. As a visual artist for 10 years now, she developed her career using collage. She creates abstracts artworks by combining colored papers. During her career, she participated in several collective exhibitions: Hollywood in Cambodia (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Cosmiko Gallery (Buenos Aires), Centro Cultural Matienzo (Buenos Aires) and Laboratorio Festival (Buenos Aires). For the realization of her work she uses colored paper, scissors and glue. She normally doesn’t know what she will create until she is doing it. First, she chooses the color palette and starts cutting shapes. The result of her work is created naturally by moving and “combining” shapes, colors and forms. Regularly she merges old shapes, conserved from past works, with new shapes. Without specific intention, she creates a dialogue and connection between all the works she creates. Today she is working on a project called “No Look” which looks forward to question and generate discussion about the exposure of fashion on social media.​