Chiara Baccanelli


Maria Chiara Baccanelli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 11, 1993. She currently lives in Buenos Aires and also in Punta del Este, Uruguay. She frequently visits Europe, where she has lived for seven years. In 2013, after a brief introduction to the history of art, Maria Chiara decided to focus her professional career on design. She studied interior design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. Her artwork grew naturally as she gained knowledge in the field of design, as well as in language of architecture and space. In design, she found the pieces she needed to deepen her artistic research. In 2017, she completed a specialisation at the same school, pursuing a master's degree in visual arts and curatorial studies. Once again, she found herself involved in the interesting dynamic between art and design (and vice versa). During her studies, she had the opportunity to work with great artists, collaborate with gallery owners and curators, and carry out major projects, such as “White Noises" of the Museum of Musical Instruments of Castello Sforzesco and “Legados de mi patria, tierra del Gaucho” (Legacies of my country, land of the Gaucho). She also had several individual and collective exhibitions in Italy, Argentina and Uruguay. She was invited to participate in the artist residency program of Fondazione MACC Calasetta in Sardinia, Italy. As she lived in the island for two months, she could establish a special bond with the town, its people and customs. It was a time of total immersion in space and nature, which was then reflected in her artwork. Some of her works created during this time are part of the collection exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum of Calasetta (MACC). At the end of 2019, she returned to live in Buenos Aires. Once settled again in South America, she focused her study on the abstract field, searching space and color, as well as experiencing and creating artwork through painting, photography and ceramics. 
 As an adult I returned to live in the city and made some individual exhibitions, among them are: "Future Caverns" at the Marco Museum (2020), "Portrait of the World" at Sputnik Gallery (2017) "Ad Infinitu" at Rea Gallery (2014), "From Buenos Aires to Miami" Art Center South Florida, Miami (20113), "My Favorite Words" LOOM, Bushwick, Brooklyn (2013), "Sublimado" at the CC Recoleta (2011) and "Corrientes Caprichosas" in the Jardin Oculto Gallery (2009). 
 I also participated in residencies, prizes, fairs and festivals: Kaus Australis in Rotterdam; Animasivo in Mexico DF; Art Center in Miami; El Ranchito in the Matadero Madrid; FIFF in Friborg Switzerland; Untitled Fair, Scope Fair, Curriculum Cero, Central Bank Prize, Itau Prize, Fortabat Prize, UADE Prize, 8M Prize, El Salón Nacional and Third Prize for Painting in the Visual Arts Contest 2017, from the National Fund.