Pablo Frezza


Pablo Frezza was born in Buenos Aires in November 1987. During his adolescence he attended the workshops of Rosario Zorraquin and Isabel Peña. As he grew up he was a disciple of Balbina Lightowler and Juan Doffo. He participated of Daniel Joglar and Leila Tschopp art clinics. He studied Architecture at the Faculty of Design and Urbanism of the University Buenos Aires and holds a degree in Curatorship and Art Management (ESEADE). Between 2015 and 2019 he directed the Casa Salvador art gallery in Palermo. Since 2018 he has been represented by Diderot Art. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.  Solo exhibitions:  * 2013- Desiertos Matéricos, ESEADE Art Space.  * 2015-Trabajos Recientes, ESEADE Institute.  * 2015- Ecos y Transferencias, Oasis/Club House.  * Group exhibitions: *  2008- Collective Student Exhibition, FADU, Buenos Aires.  * 2012- Global Art, Buenos Aires Law University.  * 2012- La Real gallery, collective interventions in PM, Buenos Aires.  * 2013- Echa pa tras Malevo, permanent exhibition, CCMalevo, Buenos Aires. 2013- Happening La Real gallery, Módena Design, Buenos Aires.  * 2014- La Real gallery, Museum of Arquitecture of BuenosAires (MARQ). 2014- Dual, Commerce Fund of Buenos Aires.  * 2015- Recent works, ESEADE Institute Buenos Aires.  * 2016- Ocho Ojos, Casa Salvador Gallery Buenos Aires.  * 2016- Algo de la piedra se va en el agua, Casa Salvador Gallery Buenos Aires.  * 2017- Ocho Ojos vol.2, Casa Salvador Gallery Buenos Aires.  * 2018- Dame Horizonte, Casa Salvador Gallery Buenos Aires  * 2019- Art-Tech, Museum & Collection of Amalia Fortabat, Buenos Aires.  * 2019- Recent works with Sergio Bosco, Diderot art Showroom, Buenos Aires.  * 2020- Diderot Digital exhibition, La Nación and Samsung virtual exhibition, Buenos Aires. *  Fairs:  * 2012- Art Godoy, Hipódromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires. *  2012- La Real Gallery, Salón Abreg Cobo, Buenos Aires.  * 2014- Distrito Audiovisual Dorrego, La Real Gallery, Buenos Aires.  * 2016- BOA, Estudio Zafarrancho, Buenos Aires * 2018- Diderot, Regalar Arte, Buenos Aires