Vicente Grondona


Vicente Grondona, Born in Buenos Aires, in 1977. Studied at the School of Fine Arts, Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Grondona reflects the importance and protagonism of the material in his work, which is constantly related to its nature. His paintings and sculptures have in common the nexus of the natural as a medium and as a mediator of the message. The recurring use of raw materials such as charcoal, breaks the tension between the classic and the contemporary. Grondona projects his work, his landscapes, his universe, reflecting his ideas with great intensity. Based on an impressionist line for his paintings, he portrays the landscapes from the Pampas countryside or the Paraná rivers, just as they are seen, but at the same time, revealing the invisible, exposing an intimate landscape of his inner reality, with flashes psychedelic for the colors it implements. Time is a fundamental element for the conception of his production, wandering through the remains of a splendid past, facing, at the same time, the tensions of the present. Not only does it support from formal aspects European artistic movements of the 18th - 19th centuries and combines them with current techniques such as chlorine with oil or charcoal with pure pigment and epoxy, but also portrays timeless spaces, free of engineering. civil, unveiling human purity.